It’s the Endgame, nah not really, just kidding, see you in a year or so…


Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Written by: Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (screenplay) plus about 10,000 other source material writers.

Featuring: Karen Gillan, Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Brie Larsson, Zoe Saldana, Chris Hemsworth

It’s five years on from the events at the end of Infinity War and on Earth people are still trying to cope with the fact that 50% of living things were gone in the snap of a finger. Thanos his grand design completed has disappeared to retirement and the remaining Avengers are planning revenge. Revenge is never a good policy and it does not work out, things get worse but then on day Scott Lang, Ant Man, supposedly missing returns. Is the answer to restoring everything back to what it was before Thanos’ snapped fingers?

This is not going to be a long review because this is a Marvel film and therefore to start of with it includes all of the Marvel Universe tropes that we have seen in the previous, goodness-knows-how-many other Marvel movies, and there would be too many spoilers for people who still have not seen the film.

I will go on a limb that Marvel aficionados will love the film and see it as a fitting denouement to the ‘series’. That’s okay with me and understand it.

I have to say I am not a Marvel Universe fan and in general I find the brightly coloured, explosive action and none-too-subtle emotions on display to be overwrought, overlong and tedious. Usually when the scriptwriters and directors inject some levity and do not take it too seriously the films are more enjoyable, so Guardians of Galaxy and Spider Man are easier watches for me but po-faced and duck-faced frowning by Scarlett Johansson are not my bag man.

The time theme in this film is full of big ‘buts’ so that the viewer cannot say ‘Hang on if they did X why can’t they do Y’ but they feel exactly that. The only reason you cannot do this is because it ruins the story of the film, to hell with logic. That grates with me straight away.

The acting is the usual fare, those that seem not to take the film seriously are better, Chris Hemsworth being the star here,  Paul Rudd is great but I wish would could have had more of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. The ladies are front and centre, including one cringe-inducing scene which although I applaud the sentiment the execution was frankly childish and in particular Karen Gillian is strong and fun throughout, she could have pointed out some space-time anomalies seeing as she knew all about that stuff in her old job. I liked all of the female leads with the exception of Scarlett Johansson who seems to be ‘acting’ all the time and does not convince me in the slightest.

With so many Avengers many favourite characters are side-lined and we get to focus on the irritating Tony Stark who seemingly is superior, rude and snarky but has loads of friends, alongside the ridiculous  Brulk or is it Hanner? After all he is a redundant character if he can only pop up when he gets really angry, and Antman and some others I cannot remember and do not really care about.

I had to watch the film in two bites as other people live in my house and forcing them to watch/listen to three hours of Avengers is hardly fair and we had other stuff to do. To be honest it did not drag too much but as usual with these movies the final confusing CGI fest that is the BIG BATTLE is confusing and for all those superior intelligences and superheroes lacks any tactics, they line up and run at each other like brainless idiots. Luckily only nobodies die and each character gets a chance for a little pause in the massive battle for a set scene.

Then Captain Marvel turns up and everyone else can sit down and take a cup of tea as she is indestructible and able to basically do anything. Luckily, she had to shoot off early in the film otherwise we would have had a ten-minute movie. I do like her hairstyle though, it was cool.

This film would not have been so bad if it was written for kids but so many adults watch and love it and yet cannot see how childish some of the action, stories and set pieces are.

The final scenes, I will not say what it is as that is mean and spoils the story, are so contrived and tacky I thought it was a promotional shot for the Avengers film series. It was horrible and if I’m not mistaken horrible CGI, I’m sure they were not all there.

Well I do not like to say it but just as fantasy film without all the baggage Avengers: Endgame is watchable, once, I’ll never watch it again, as an expensive film, with an all-star cast it really is not that good.

Still the cash-cow goes on no matter what happens in the films.

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