You know you’re getting old when all the Spider-Men you see look so young…

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Director: Jon Watts

Writers: Jonathan Goldstein (screenplay by), John Francis Daley (screenplay by)

Director: Jon Watts

Featuring: Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr.,
Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Laura Harrier

After battling in the ‘Civil War’ with the Avengers Peter Parker is back in New York with his Aunt May and still ‘fighting crime’ in the guise of Spider Man. Tony Stark keeps an eye on him and is more or less his mentor. Everything seems okay, in fact if not dull, but then the Vulture emerges selling new technology to the highest bidder and Peter has a real fight on his hands but is Spider Man up to the challenge.

To my mind and I fully admit I’m not a comic-book fan in any way, shape or form but right from the get-go Tom Holland seems more Peter Parker like to me. He is young, he looks like a schoolkid, which I believe Peter Parker certainly was in his early iterations. So, from that starting point the film gets off to a good start.

Furthermore, Holland is likeable and believable in the role of a young lad with super-powers who knows there is a whole world of serious super-heroes out there, but he is not quite that. Inexperienced and not sure of his place the storyline was believable and fun.  So much so that Peter is very ordinary, he builds a Lego Death Star with his best friend, superbly played by Jacob Batalon, and frets about prom-dates, the whole nine yards.

There’s no dead Uncle in this story, not sure what happened there but we do get a rather youthful and frankly extremely attractive Aunt May, Marisa Tomei, so no complaints from me. She plays her brief scenes well and once again, as it appears throughout the film there is genuine chemistry with her young co-star.

The thread that holds the two Marvel film-types together is sometime director John Favreau playing Happy to the hilt with much miserable gusto and fun.

Michael Keaton as the Vulture brings some proper and believable motivation to the black hat in the story although his transformation from hard-working company owner to a psychopathic murderer who would do anything for profit and gain is a huge leap in character arc.

The story zips along at a good pace and never seems to get bogged down and for once I was enjoying myself for the entire running time of a Marvel film and Spider-Man: Homecoming only lost me near the end when you get the inevitable long-winded, confusing, fighting scene as the climax to the story. It did not ruin it for me but for once can the just not give the stories something different.

All-in-all this film is not aimed at me, I’m not a Marvel Comics fan at all but it was a success, well filmed, mostly bright, fun and exciting, I watched it from beginning to end without my mind wondering on to other things.

I’m starting to get quite a list of Marvel Universe Films I quite liked now. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not even close to double figures yet.

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