An evil spirit will get you if you have teenage sex, some of us were very safe…

It Follows

Directed by: David Robert Mitchell

Written by: David Robert Mitchell

Featuring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto

Jay is a normal teenage girl hanging out with her friends, having a relaxing time in the summer and going out with boys. She is particularly fond of one such boy, Hugh, and after a few dates, even though he is acting strangely, the inevitable happens and they have sex. Immediately after the act Jay drugged, kidnapped and tied to a chair by Hugh who tells her that by having sex he has passed on a supernatural being that kills that person, unless they pass it on…

You have to suspend disbelief to watch the film and then enjoyment can follow, rather like the ‘spirit’.

I rather enjoyed watching a small ensemble of relatively unknown actors trying their best in a spooky horror film. It reminded me of my eighties horror video hiring days. I feel this is the ‘vibe’ director Mitchell was going for, including the synth soundtrack that takes you straight back to those early video days.

Everything points to a love of those old tapes. The camera angles, the set-ups, the slightly wonky storyline and illogical choices the characters make, but rather than making the film a chore it actually enhances it and makes it fun. I wonder which of these actors will turn into a Jennifer Aniston or the host of other famous actors that started their careers in indy horror movies? It has to be noted that the cast of It Follows can definitely look back and say it was a better film than Leprechauns.

Much like those eighties films I keep banging on about the writer, and director, wanted to make a film that fresh-faced teenagers could be scared by, but those that are a bit more discerning could scratch the surface and see a metaphor.

Teenage sex – it leads to trouble.

This film seems to be splitting opinion with more than its fair share of hate notices. Unjustified in my opinion. It really isn’t that bad.

The director has clearly tried to make a type and style of film and overall has succeeded. Sure there are massive errors in logic, large plot-holes and some of the acting definitely creaks a bit at times, but the main actors are young, enthusiastic and learning their trade and nobody was really bad. Overall I enjoyed this film for what it was and at last, a horror film without gallons of gore.

Do remember though whether it is VHS or Betamax, don’t forget to rewind your tapes before you take them back to the shop’.

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