I’m feeling really antisocial, quite liked Antisocial.


Director: Cody Calahan

Writers: Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald

Starring: Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic, Romaine Waite

Five friends at university are at a house party to celebrate the New Year. Meanwhile, a mysterious and violent epidemic has erupted outside. The must do everything they can to avoid becoming infected themselves and getting away…

It must go on record that this film is not nearly as bad as some reviewers made out.

Clearly the makers were on a tight budget and had many unknown young actors to work with.  Perhaps in hindsight another survival horror would not be the best choice to make but giving credit where it is due this is better made and more thrilling than an awful lot of million-dollar budget efforts churned out by Hollywood regularly.

It does appear that the makers have taken their favourite ideas from this genre and mixed them together to make this film. The social media idea is fun, although does not stand up to hard scrutiny and the angry, murderous rage, harks back the far superior 28 Days Later, rather than jumping on ‘they are all dead and have come back to life for no reason at all’ bandwagon. Although a nice twist at the end even throws that one into the mix.

The acting ranges from really quite good, alongside scenery-chewing histrionics (that should have been reigned in) to wooden no emotion tailor-dummy-like but really that would be expected with an inexperienced cast. They will either get better or drop out of acting.

There’s plenty of gore, horror and death but nothing over-the-top or needlessly gratuitous. There are a lot of character’s doing nonsensical things and a few plot holes but overall this is not a bad effort.

I just wish that film-makers both new and experienced would stop making ‘zombie-end-of-the-world’ films – unless they have a really good and original idea.

Of course, if that rule were enforced the genre would die.

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